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small portion cleave

read write poem napowrimo day 14: you want me to write what? write a cleave poem. thanks for the intro nicole to this form. also do stop by nicole’s and take this RWP poll; three word wednesday: brash, lubricate, saint; photo: Morning-call bird, sichun1029, flickr

morning hollars come brash bickering birds
lubricate the lights of night fantasy flying feathers
curtain flowing wind starry saints singing

standing silent stay there’s nothing here weeping
shoreline breaching walls knowledge seeking might
wet sand sinking rushing wrecking ball 
disappearing disposition crushing bitter bite 


22 thoughts on “small portion cleave

  1. the cleave is certainly a challenging form, I think you write it very well, although, reading them as separate poems, the meaning seems slightly different

  2. I remember doing these. It is challenging, but you’ve done such a good job with the form, as well as the use of the words.

  3. Nice job. Both poems stand well on their own, but there is also a unity to the entire work. I really like your use of alliteration with the images.

    Well done!


  4. This certainly appears to be a very difficult form of poetry. I think the others have summed it up, this is nicely done, clever, and you also make it seem easy.

  5. I’ve never heard of this type of poem – it looks tricky. Love how yours turned out. Loved “there’s nothing here weeping”

  6. It’s quite a difficult one to write…Cleave poem? Bound by many rules I guess, but I am sure it’s an exciting try if I would someday!

    Thanks for sharing dear!

  7. Nice! I like what you did with this. (I should have done shorter too perhaps.) This works very nicely and within the prompt form, well indeed.

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