not never

two in a row
negative nostalgia naughty
one is not enough
three just right

i miss him you know
those people that pass on
leaving a shadow
of themselves

walking they sometimes join
talking word stories
about the waves of yesterday’s tomorrows making a way

rare silent and singing
no not ever
does it hinge on conversation

**its been a long while… flexing the fingers ….**

Poetry, with real toads


in the garden with real frogs
fireblossom friday: i put a spell on u

ease right in
its no surprise

died a hundred times
revived all over again

disinterested desiderata
the yearning survives

sweet sauce thirst
hidden in exigency

distraught unzipped
deceased dust delivery

acquiesce pancake breakfast
assembled inside of me

buttoned up obscurity
its a takeover

notes to self… having company is nice but when the company decides to stay then its a fight to survive… as noted by the garden there’s a time and place for everything