acrostic, alliteration, napowrimo2022


spring crocus, renee decarlo

just like that it was
only it wasn’t
unintended shadow it was
reflective rain rushing
new and unopened
every sound sung
yet, he continued to cleave

poet’s note: it’s always exciting to participate in poetry month.. napowrimo.. day one.. so good so far.. the poem.. everyday it’s life and death..


window wandering

idling in neutral
waiting for the quiet of sunrise
within the wake and sleep

I see you all
wanting to tell your story

leaving the door open for you
they all wandered in

it is the quiet
where I hear you, see you
in the turbulence of wind

surrounded by the light and dark
you stood silent, waiting
for me

I’m here
in these moments

poetress ponderings… passing from one world to the next… we’re all still connected… from one room to the next… 100 yards, or a million miles into space… the heart ponders these things as our love ones move forward on their journey from here….