OneSingleImpression, Poetry, tanka


one single impression: dawn
photo: yananine, flickr

staccato rain falling
a sudden wet splash trespass
hoist the sunrise sail
incited birds peep and roar
lucid eyes drifting dream escapes

a cast of raindrops
kindle soporific slumber
beneath a blanket shining
soft steady drizzle drags on
gray skies greet the stirred horizon

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small portion cleave

read write poem napowrimo day 14: you want me to write what? write a cleave poem. thanks for the intro nicole to this form. also do stop by nicole’s and take this RWP poll; three word wednesday: brash, lubricate, saint; photo: Morning-call bird, sichun1029, flickr

morning hollars come brash bickering birds
lubricate the lights of night fantasy flying feathers
curtain flowing wind starry saints singing

standing silent stay there’s nothing here weeping
shoreline breaching walls knowledge seeking might
wet sand sinking rushing wrecking ball 
disappearing disposition crushing bitter bite 

Poetry, StoryBookCollaborative


during the day
the prelude to dusk
the world slumbered
unnoticed by the
exchange of events

thanking the stars
she kissed the
twin of her flame
in the sunlight of
his tranquility

lifetime of love
sifted by sands
with scaled wings
and scalding fire
she rests

brought to fruitation
the spell of seasons
ignites the blue moon
amidst twilight and birth
held in the embrace
the harvest arrival


a thursday prompt storybook collaborative recently noted… for more stories and paintings do pass thru; photo: the kiss, rick mobbs


Marriage Contract

Friday 5 this week prompt: parapet, trace, scrivener, gilt distal


in high demand
the humble scrivener
hurried on

understanding awkwardness
upon his arrival
he began immediately

quiet strong hand
delicately traces
each fading letter
announcing a past pledge
confessing silent vows

gilted and bright
now distal and disappearing
every delicate letter
craves care and patience

high above
the parapet quiet
as nightfall advances
a curtain drawn
the window vacant
catches candlelight
casting vague obscurity within

late night unfurls
early light awakens
proclaiming restoration
erasing time’s dust
affirming the buried
and once forgotten

weary task completed
the candlelight extinguished
door closes
labor paid