the patter of a past
chattering and singing
laughing and skipping
her weight wiggles along

changing tide my feet get wet
here comes a distant wave
beyond a sea away

beneath the ocean
above the horizon
this now is just a moment
in between my present past

slithering smooth scales detach
the beating heat relaxes the tense
the shade of a tree feels cool

deciding to linger
the lizards gaze slowly
silently the wind blows by

honest healing
one breath bingo
casually calling
the sun sets serenely

Poetry, with real toads

born wet

splashing and leaping
the world briefly unlocked

always and forever
sitting by the shore

sipping ocean water
sipping river water

collecting shells and
driftwood for later

small boat sailing
strolling to shore

warm fire burning
never looking back

over at imaginary garden with real toads
courtesy of kim weekend mini challenge: boats

note to poet.. just found a new site… love poetry and frogs… i love boats, everything about them… from here to there… lotsa fun to visit the dream boat

cleave, Haiku, Napowrimo, Poetry, ReadWritePoem

small portion cleave

read write poem napowrimo day 14: you want me to write what? write a cleave poem. thanks for the intro nicole to this form. also do stop by nicole’s and take this RWP poll; three word wednesday: brash, lubricate, saint; photo: Morning-call bird, sichun1029, flickr

morning hollars come brash bickering birds
lubricate the lights of night fantasy flying feathers
curtain flowing wind starry saints singing

standing silent stay there’s nothing here weeping
shoreline breaching walls knowledge seeking might
wet sand sinking rushing wrecking ball 
disappearing disposition crushing bitter bite 

Napowrimo, Poetry, ReadWritePoem

along the waterfront

read write poem: napowrimo day 11, the thing you didn’t choose
photo: Surfs up, lemondrop®, flickr

dearest ledge of the labellum
why didn’t i pick you
why did i walk away

this concrete crisis
detached dilemma
where does the head call home

longing and wailing
battle and bother
my secret revealed

toe tingling
merciful shores
the heart dives and descends

sand and sea
seep and soak
delightful dipp

nothin sticks
lint brush brawl
emancipation stroll

incarcerating indulgence
born by the sea
body swimmin blues

Napowrimo, OneSingleImpression, ReadWritePoem

rushing foam

read write poem: napowrimo no 12, where do you come from?; day 13, napowrimo
one single impression: live water; photo: David Pott, flickr

not far from here bursts
the sound of soft crashing curls
a salty sea breeze

every day waves
bending billowing breakers
bare feet hot hot sand

never ever far
soothing sleeping seranade
the tide tells me so