Poetry, with real toads

born wet

splashing and leaping
the world briefly unlocked

always and forever
sitting by the shore

sipping ocean water
sipping river water

collecting shells and
driftwood for later

small boat sailing
strolling to shore

warm fire burning
never looking back

over at imaginary garden with real toads
courtesy of kim weekend mini challenge: boats

note to poet.. just found a new site… love poetry and frogs… i love boats, everything about them… from here to there… lotsa fun to visit the dream boat

OneSingleImpression, Poetry, tanka


one single impression: this week’s prompt by leo is joie de vivre (the joy of living)
photo: Seashells, miqul, flickr

i’ve used tanka [5-7-5-7-7] and a cleave [for those who wanna know] which was one of the prompts for read write poem april 2010 napowrimo

anchored in your blue eyes  watching the drift of tides
swimming in a sea of blue  shifting sandbar wet door reveal
backstroke blue divine  nestled sleeping shells
submerge serenade sublime   simple treasures lure me near
the line of your lips thrill me   surplus exhilaration

inamorata. lover

3WW, WritersIsland

must be the air

three word wednesday: wealth, hassle, inject ; writer’s island no 10 prompt: fork in the road ; photo: Cuba Gallery – www.cubagallery.co.nz, flickr

an ocean away from the bp gulf scandal, new zealand blue….

challenging the motion
she took one look
at the far horizon
and synchronized

every glance
held a wealthy whiff
of clean salty air
bobbing and weaving

with no desire to land
she’s weighing the anchor
a collaborating collusion
swimming to shore the
hassle of civility

crash the sudden scent of honeysuckle
cloaked cloud of tranquility
emanating fusion, a soothing injection
sense the serpentine vines
of attachment

Haiku, OneSingleImpression, Poetry

moon tide and sea

one single impression: enigma
photo: morning tide, danimal174, flickr

bright white mystic moon
pulling tugging worldly waters
restless constant waves

unbound boundary
intangible sightless strings
guardian shoreline

playful mystery
tempestuous tidal train
sailing sunny days

acres of oceans
salty water hydrosphere
body surf magic

deep uncloak design
below shining fluent fish
never sleeping still