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monster moves

3 word wednesday: caustic, hunch, sacrifice
read write poem: napowrimo day 2:  write a poem inspired in any way by one or more of the resulting phrases from the acronym RWP. I used Reading White Palms
photo: magicaldp, flickr

without reserve or caution
i read his hand from palm to palm
the master gambler 
casually he makes my move

we never discuss our future
nor personal perfect plans
intimacy knows no limit

the sword is drawn
he slays the sacrifice dealt
forgoes our hand and draws

caustic calamity, i face and fold
calmly he shuffles my senses
we always share the odds

in a mind numbing
humble hunch
we give up two
pause and play another

with a whiff of wonder
the way he moves
he nuzzles so near
his kiss sublime, i call


13 thoughts on “monster moves

  1. I agree with the comments above, it is a creative metaphor, and does have an eerie tone about it. I liked the line, “calmly he shuffled my senses,” a nonchalant but effective phrase.

    Thanks for your comments on my page as well!

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