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sunday whirl wordle no 219

i swear i know every single one
the familiar flush
the perfect press of weight
just enough to claim quietly

the list is long
written in lovely left lingo
only to share with you who know
know the nexus of never-Neverland

who comes to call and collect
that wilderness wind
who whinnies in whispers
tender time, no threats, breathless talk,

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sunday scribblings.blank

he asks in an almost too quiet to hear, can you?
telepathic touch too soon she takes two steps back, how can i?

terra firma the raindrops continued around and in between
reluctant revolution revealed contained a world within

he breathes in strong and assured not willing to relent
mute she breaks and turns cradling the backwards

oh how it howls here sweeping surely
speaking of his softened features melting mercy

rhythmic riot pulling push he stalks the still
the space between stayed and quiet

…….this is how it is sometimes. that place of unwilling willingness, torn yet soothed. 


sunday scribblings: revolution

Poetry, we write poems

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i have to speak in such a way
that only you would know

morning glow assembly
majestically proclaims
another fast forward
reminding me to yield

surrogate surrounding cantata
sorrow’s steady soothing steps
tomorrow’s turn tumbling foward
there’s not too many left

the wind flies constant
never stopping once
leaving more than less
dropping dreams design

settled comfortably
on the edge of a crackly leaf
the dew comforts

we write poems: keepsakes like a breathe

Poetry, stumbling toward ecstasy

it’s not that simple

rebecca’s stumblin toward ecstasy
photo: red_04, Zita B, flickr


standing still suggests
his heart quakes a quiver
attempting to capture one
slippery scent of security

slightly retrospect
he turns and smiles
a warm touch remote
signals the lock of his heart

walking towards a
world a way
closer yet he comes
his soft blue shirt shimmers

just as before
not hardly a change
he now walks
soothingly slower

he bends his frame
encompasses my life
we start all over again