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in posse*

read write poem. napowrimo day 3, scared yet? write about something that scares you. it is possible to fear, the possibility of the possible….
photo: V and the Bats, flickr

pop the umbrella dreams
let the wild come
where swift the sound
of clanging bells
calling to order the
attendance of stars matured

the gentle wind of
kismet blows across the
face of yet manifest

clothed in aspiration
unfettered falling providence
blooming blue skies
the warmth of sun arrives
endorsed by dawn’s emerging roar

come here close to me
read out loud the whispers
the pages fat and overflow
the days all bunched in one
flaming clairvoyance converses

the actor’s part performed
riveting representation
in singular order
waiting for applause

*in posse.latin possible; have potential to exist. i was looking through a book of words and found this in the process, does it fit? i think so. hope you think so too.


8 thoughts on “in posse*

  1. Your poem unfolds with its first line: “pop the umbrella dreams” I think in posse as a title is perfect. My favorite part of the poem is the final strophe—the performance completed and the anticipation of the end, of what comes next, of what is possible at that point, really works.

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