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photo: there must be some way outta here


hey joe
always wondered
where you went

strolling a
still desert
suddenly singing
the wind cries mary

the taste
of gritty sand
brings back the red ring
stone free i’m
spared the stumble

traveling caravan
tinkling bells
bangles and charms
hidden from sight
little wing etched in ink

infinite grains
whirling webs
shifting sentiment
castles are made of sand


8 thoughts on “jimi

  1. This has a really great, vagrant feel to it. The lack of punctuation works well here. I hope you’ll check my entry out seeing as it includes a Jimi song as well! Spanish Castle Magic!

  2. Irene says:

    Cool sand imagery… gosh I love “the wind cries mary”..

    Rock on for Napowrimo! It’s day 2..

  3. rallentanda says:

    I loved this. It is familiar and took me places that I haven’t visited for years.Thanks

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