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monster moves

3 word wednesday: caustic, hunch, sacrifice
read write poem: napowrimo day 2:  write a poem inspired in any way by one or more of the resulting phrases from the acronym RWP. I used Reading White Palms
photo: magicaldp, flickr

without reserve or caution
i read his hand from palm to palm
the master gambler 
casually he makes my move

we never discuss our future
nor personal perfect plans
intimacy knows no limit

the sword is drawn
he slays the sacrifice dealt
forgoes our hand and draws

caustic calamity, i face and fold
calmly he shuffles my senses
we always share the odds

in a mind numbing
humble hunch
we give up two
pause and play another

with a whiff of wonder
the way he moves
he nuzzles so near
his kiss sublime, i call


a gambling man

sitting at the table across and down two was a man who emanated a stealth air of complacency. the subtle satisfaction of settled success weaved into the fabric of his noteworthy gray gabardine suit and brilliant diamond pinkie. unaware of the unexpected motion of rumblings within, his beating heart continued in a linear pace. attached to his sculptured face a mustache appeared hiding an unchanged smile of a winning hand. almost a habit, he rarely shaved the thick hairs away.

helpless to look further and unable to focus on the uncomplicated cards i continued to secretly search his personal being without acknowledgement. continuing on, there now appeared thin expressive lines, bored with the business of unchanged hours he was seeking a minut big bang evolution. perfectly manicured nails resisted the urge to chew in unmerited anxiety a knowledge he no longer remembered. silently he considered a change, the expresso he had with breakfast or the order of his hours, a minute less here a moment more with her.

easing into his next thought in a faceless expression, with no gamble involved, calling out his cards he wins another hand. complete to his satisfaction, he turns and smiles, motioning our departure. touching the back of my elbow he brings me in line in one movement we turn and leave. considering that i could possibly change his cool, embraceable heart i lingered on the romance the late evening held in the palm of my priorities.
* * * * * * * *
Bones 3 word wednesday prompt offers this week: habit, settle, bored
photo: A gambling man, Talis, flickr



15 words or less  Assignment: how many ways can you get to eight? Shake the words in your head, roll them, and see what comes out! What do these dice make you think of? Gambling? Family game night? Chances you’ve taken? Risks you wish you could take? Daffodils pushing through the snow outside? Choose any thought inspired by photo and write a quick poem of 15 Words or Less about it.

four yellow dice
rolling for eight
hardly speak a word