3ww no 398: defense, fertile, needy

searching for a portal
immersed in a sea of maize

fertile field afternoon
sky blue turns a sunset corner

cornfield stalks sire a score
needy country songs capitulate

wondering where and how
only the wind hears to answer

picnic private space
redeeming defense delivers


tame the wild

Thomg’s 3 word wednesday, this week deception, panic, scheme
photo: Brian Hill Photography, flicker.com

interval hours
sense passing ruthless panic
clemency released

capture indulgence
deception peeks past soft shield
hunted the heart runs

blossoming bloom burst
gentle scheme unraveling web
tame hand stays fierce flight

whisper still the sound
underneath the winter white
your love clothes the cold

3WW, pink saturday


ubiquitously pink
boundless the beauty

the blush of murmurs
endless cool pink sherbet
bewitches hot breath
fire to melting thirst

unlock the flawless flush
the quiver of whispering winds
pink flamingos heading homeward
harmonious affinity in flight

tenderness scratches
behind the ear of a
pink hibiscus

all beneath a bright
yellow sun
in a clear blue sky
* * * * * *
thommyg’s 3 Word Wednesday: blush, quiver, tenderness and,
beverly’s pink saturday; photo: DiAichner3. flickr


3 movements in c

next to nothing there wasn’t much more to say. we silently suffered though a distant dinner of fish and folly, fumbling through the arrid ache of arduous arbitration.

merrily mocking the captivating candles created a queer quiet between the fork of fortune and a spoonless soup of suggestion.

clutching the amber after dinner cognac, the fumes of fire recalled to mind a good night’s sleep in contaminated comfort makes all the difference in early morning merriment makeup we play with perfection.
* * * * * * * * * * *
ThomG’s 3 word wednesday, this week’s three: suffer, ache, difference
photo:  normann copenhagen, flickr