when i watch you
the smile of our journey
shines back at me

when i watch you
our young dreams
float by on a yellow raft
heading everywhere

when i watch you
the widest ocean
cannot contain
the possibilities
in the blue colored
sky of your eyes

ReadWritePoem #30: Write a poem about the first line from Lucille Clifton’s poem, miss rosie. …when i watch you….
photo: floating by, originally uploaded by millicent_bystander.



15 thoughts on “buoyancy

  1. nathan1313 says:

    The title is the perfect description of the emotional state the poem maps. That connection of history, of dreaming of wide open possibility. The photo is lovely too.

  2. beautiful. the depth of the last stanza is incredible. thanks for your comment “in the dark that’s heaven”. i found it very intriguing. i think i’ll put it in my writing journal. 🙂

  3. That is a very beautiful sustained metaphor poem, mutual journey through the vast ocean, very delicate and poised poem, lovely.

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