seashore journey

sunday scribblings: shipwrecked
three word wednesday: adapt, lie, glide

a sudden departure
started with a splash
knew it was a shipwreck
immediately immersed
wet water tread
sweet savoring surrender
crashing dryland pileup

new years eve fireworks
laughter’s luminous light
trailing trials of trouble
stars swaying sorrow
two feet feeling squishy
soaked summer sandals

unbuckled and brave
diving during darkness
two big eyes examine
hunchback harmony
in a placating plunge
flapping tall tail touch

always eternally open
comes a two oar rowing rescue
i am a walker willing to adapt
plunging possessions fall
and the big lie loosens
begins a glistening glide
to a far far away

those unlikeable emotions
hostile to water preferring the dry
in a downpour they disappear
lighter the load landfall appears
silent the air parts letting me go

Big Tent Poetry, Poetry

texas tremble

big tent poetry: enough
photo: justuswendell, flickr

dragon fly resting

sun baked body brown
thirsty for a healing drink
cool clear rivers bubbling
sprouting virgin springs serenade
hidden by a flock of shaded wonder
ancient anchored cypress trees
swaying silent mysterious moss
overheated heart submerge

immersed in a thousand baptisms
washed away by ivory soap
plunge a downhill depth
shallow the sting
freed by the frio

another visit to the memory banks of the mind… traveled to the hill country of texas… so many beautiful rivers soaked for a week… never wanted to leave… could not believe the blessings of flowing springs and clear cool rivers shaded by cypress trees found a little bit of heaven on earth.. the perfect escape of immeasurable proportions… not sure if this is the frio, though this scene is similar in every respect to the others met during the quest..