3WW, short story

persistent possibilities

three word wednesday, avenge, genuine, ramble
photo: Rainbow hearts, yellowrubberduck, flickr

dialing his number was taking entirely too long,
must remember to put him on my phone list.
well, no, can’t do that,
it might mean something.
oh dear, i ramble,
must make a note,
stop rambling.
wonder, are his feelings genuine?
does he really want me to cowrite the script?
right in the middle of everything…
or is this another ploy of his?
part of his secret wish to avenge success,
writing another note,
don’t sleep with opportunity
no matter how beautiful the smile
or, good the wine


4 thoughts on “persistent possibilities

  1. Very much liked the ending.

    For me, the poem is a vehicle to get me to the last:

    two lines;
    three lines; and
    six lines.

    And it is so worth it.

    Very nice. Thanks.

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