OneSingleImpression, Poetry

dinner plates

one single impression: prompt 123 roads. courtesy of gautami tripathy at firmly rooted
photo: Door Keepers, Firenzesca, flickr

wrapped in buttermilk
and cheesecloth the
chicken was baking
to perfection

sighing with satisfaction
a stretch and a shift showers
enchanted extra moments
in this bewitched kitchen
enough to socialize
and smile

invitation left ajar
just 5 or 6, possibly 12
my fantastic familiar friends
maybe a mutual acquaintance
7 intercepted serendipity strangers

deciding on dinner
here we 12 are nestled
lives entwined
in a mix of candlelight
music and wine

mingling madness soiree
we impart our intentions with
our edifying renditions of
lasting love acapello
dinner melts marvelous

too soon i’m serving
thin slices of
pumpkin cheesecake
espresso and cognac
candle light melt
eric clapton continues

we further pass the
endless excursions
of this and that
making room for
tomorrows we
hope to engage

saying good night
floating guests withdraw
heading homeward
in different directions
the door closed, the latch locks
everyone has vanished

beckoning reality
dishes dancing, open window
such a sweeping view
clean up is a breeze

Napowrimo, ReadWritePoem

u & i

read write poem: read write image no 13; day 8, naprowrimo
photo: pensiero


come share the unbearable weight of a grieving heart. imagine submerged in murky waters too deep to float. balancing life in between the wetness of dry tears and loneliness of loss.

today i boarded a beckoning mystical train to attend a captivating carnival. with a ticket in hand i hopped onto the waiting ride. tossing the twirling too many thoughts, i flew with lightweight strings released in freedom’s lightheartedness.

we were together, you & i, with little else to interfere. for a few attached moments you sat close to me holding hands as we enjoyed the weightless wonder, our two lives, sharing breaths of convertible air.

over too soon my feet touched the ground the half torn ticket clutched fast in my palm. you laughed kissed my lips and said a nickel’s worthy ride as you wandered away to a faraway flowered field.

a day in april 2008…the day started out cold and foggy. soon the sun smiled, the sea began to sing. leaving you behind, the hardest task i ever had to perform.

to linda may the days become lighter in heart in a way you never thought possible…. previous dialogues

Napowrimo, OneSingleImpression, ReadWritePoem


one single impression: no 58 listening; read write poem: day 6 naprowrimo
photo: fx974, flickr

it’s nothing really
a small cut that barely bleeds
a fine line across

dripping ooze of life
mingling minds promise filled
flowing red silence

by the roaring sea
we made a forever pact
honor seals a seam


3WW, short story

persistent possibilities

three word wednesday, avenge, genuine, ramble
photo: Rainbow hearts, yellowrubberduck, flickr

dialing his number was taking entirely too long,
must remember to put him on my phone list.
well, no, can’t do that,
it might mean something.
oh dear, i ramble,
must make a note,
stop rambling.
wonder, are his feelings genuine?
does he really want me to cowrite the script?
right in the middle of everything…
or is this another ploy of his?
part of his secret wish to avenge success,
writing another note,
don’t sleep with opportunity
no matter how beautiful the smile
or, good the wine

SundayScribblings, WeekEndWordSmith

Taking Turns Talking

love my
dear fleeting friends

there waiting
crowded empty rooms

against one
another restless souls

to make
no drop-ins allowed

to tell
unfinished lives twitter

life unhinged
dear fleeting friends
* * * * * * *
SundayScribblings No 119 topic: my oldest friend; and, weekend wordsmith. this week’s prompt: crowded;
photo: Shadows are people too, Alyography [photography], flickr