OneSingleImpression, Poetry


written in wonder
chronicles nature buried
rainbow related

captured overhead
pure optical illusion
deluge of water

fountains of the deep
floodgates open arrid sky
convenant appears

destruction desolved
floating raft menagerie
awaits olive branch

sky water and sun
moonbows captured in the light
heaven’s mystery
* * * * * * *

one single impression no 20: myth;
photo: stonefaction, flickr


11 thoughts on “illusion

  1. Sandy says:

    I love it! We need to take beauty like this however and whenever we get it.

    This is a mystery that I can appreciate. Good poem.

  2. always out there where I like to be! “moonbows”! (great invention)! love the mystery seepig from your words…univiersal thinking…really enjoy these.

  3. The rhythm and sounds really get a deluge feel like the words are bucketing down and I found it interasting that you tagged it ‘faith’ but titled it ‘illusion’. Your poetry is the kind that gets better on closer examination, it is great just to read out loud and there is always that prismatic depth to it as well. Supercool,

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