Haiku, OneSingleImpression

small swim

one single impression this week’s prompt overt
photo: Yellow Lilies, Rebecca G., flickr

morning light revealed
bright yellow swaying strong
lilies weaving way

tall leaning presence
full blooms sketch a sunrise view
startling sight

walking further
beneath a fertile flower
exists another new

coffee in hand
morning summer ritual
greet a glorious garden

OneSingleImpression, Poetry


written in wonder
chronicles nature buried
rainbow related

captured overhead
pure optical illusion
deluge of water

fountains of the deep
floodgates open arrid sky
convenant appears

destruction desolved
floating raft menagerie
awaits olive branch

sky water and sun
moonbows captured in the light
heaven’s mystery
* * * * * * *

one single impression no 20: myth;
photo: stonefaction, flickr

Poetry, StoryBookCollaborative


during the day
the prelude to dusk
the world slumbered
unnoticed by the
exchange of events

thanking the stars
she kissed the
twin of her flame
in the sunlight of
his tranquility

lifetime of love
sifted by sands
with scaled wings
and scalding fire
she rests

brought to fruitation
the spell of seasons
ignites the blue moon
amidst twilight and birth
held in the embrace
the harvest arrival


a thursday prompt storybook collaborative recently noted… for more stories and paintings do pass thru; photo: the kiss, rick mobbs