the sea
sizzling hot sand

coarse sand
my feet burn

with everything
envision salty shores

singed soles
ignite cool waters

my eyes
swelling surf magnified

soothing breeze
heals the burn
* * * * * * * * *
ReadWritePoem #35: fun iin the sun. write a poem about something uncomfortable related to sun or sand or heat or beaches ; photo: Beach, Matty20, flickr


7 thoughts on “Burn

  1. nathan1313 says:

    There’s a great progression of verbs here leading up to “soothing.” I can really feel it.

  2. i’ve always loved the feel of hot sand on the soles of my feet, then running towards the water to cool it off! these brought back so many memories of growing up in an island.

  3. throwshiswords says:

    my favorite image: “close / my eyes / swelling surf magnified”. standing in the water with eyes closed does magnify the the other senses — moving surf all around you, never knowing when the next wave will come.

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