totally optional prompts


petaled roses
the scent scatters

buzzing loud
tasting the sweet

fully engulfed
flames of color

favorite flower
remains a secret

recently discovered haynaku by way of silent verses and another blogger, but cannot for the life of me find her blog… it is ravenswing; photo: chrissie2003, flickr; totally optional prompts this week flower poems.


14 thoughts on “eden

  1. nathan1313 says:

    Excellent — you have these great sense details and the last stanza opens the whole thing up into a larger point of view, into mystery. I like this form too but I’ve never tried it.

  2. This is just breath taking, Where did you learn this type of Haikau? What is it called again? Do you have other examples of this beautiful form.
    BTW, your poem is excellent! Just wonderful.


  3. I like your use of the form – your poem reads like a string of individual beads, each beautiful in its own right and uniting to form a gorgeous necklace.


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