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three word wednesday this week’s offering: loud, persuasive, riches
photo: cuba gallery, flickr

Cuba Gallery: Railroad / texture / abstract / tracks / puddles / design / background / photography

crocus cryout croon ❘  loud chirping bird talk
tiny iris cluster bouquets ❘  persuasive w/rap of wonder
muted marvelous ❘  chattering riches

this week i wanted to remember cleave poetry that i was introduced to during last year’s napowrimo at readwritepoem.  it has become a favorite of mine. in the simplest of terms two separate poems when joined become seamless. the identity of similarities and differences…

3WW, Poetry

psychic practice

three word wednesday: fear, ignore, weightless
photo: Sakura curtainbananagranola (busy).

mortal morning muse protest
rousing weightless day proclaim
comfy curious cure reveal

outside morning bird call cry
backyard butterfly beauties
suddenly spy
ephemeris fearless fixation
souls release transitory passage

floating falling
cherry blossom curtain
shifting somebodies stirring air
sanguine spirits merrily alight
rambling flourishing fanfare
momentary bloom high in a tree

entertaining eclipse enters
suspend the somnambulist secrets
ignore the snail trail tracks
jostling journey quickens
rider of the river raft rendezvous

3WW, Poetry

spring speculation

three word wednesday: escape, hum, vibrant
photo: i’m on cloud nine, windybug, flickr

it’s nice to escape routine
running rushing rowing
straight to the edge
peering past the wasted oil leaks
across the humid highways

like thelma and louise
what an adventure
the hum of an engine revving
racing down hot desert roads
though not so darn edgy

perchance the crook of a rest stop
a solitary ready park bench
basting in a soft bubble of benevolence
anticipating a come along presence

a manna manifestation
of simple observation
writing words along the wall
of bright blue sky
dotted with a wedge of geese
honking and hollering
heading towards somewhere

a vibrant act of wistful wool gathering
a riding companion atop puffy white clouds
carrying a collaborating compass
transported to the kingdom of connection

yeah, it’s a nice spring day


love breathing

three word wednesday: frail, sacred, amaze
photo:  gasitech, flickr

we’re in love….
with the blue expanse above
with the 2-door sexy fire engine red convertible bmw my friend just took me for a ride 
with the frail freedom we so freely embrace
with the birth of unborn love
with the cost of never letting go
with the having won a hard fought battle that cost everything
with the perfectly run half-marathon under two hours
with the lifelong secret sacred dream coming true
with the first flower of spring’s approach yellow crocus blooming

amaze! we’re in love


wherever u want

michelle’s poefusion friday five: breast, chronicles, facsimile, visual, squirrel
photo: Existential Anxietylightgazer, flickr

patiently turmoil hovers
disturbing disorder
deciding direction
agreeable facsimile
covert visual approach

sitting serenely
upon a stool
nudges the silly
squirrel subconscious
brushing the breast
bating banter

quietly chronicles
neptune neurosis
conversing counsel
darwin and jung delight

pull over and park
let’s talk no more
take me home
to harmonious happiness

Poetry, SundayScribblings

5 Country Songs

our time was short
we weren’t meant for long
crashing orbits
fearless words
agitated sparks

briefly we tangled in a
mad mosaic monologue
barely touching
fully engaged

murmuring in a quiet corner
positioned in the middle of the vacant
paus de deux on the outskirts

a hint of sincere affections
fugitive loose confessions
traces of a shoplifted kiss

two country songs later
the coming tide of goodbye
crowded our bare wet feet

lost in a crowd
i turned away
you went back home
i still have your number somewhere
* * * * * * * * * *
SundayScribblings No 118 topic: chance encounter;
photo: THE DATE or Le dernier rendez-vous (the last meeting or the last chance), Pierre Marcel, flickr