short story, totally optional prompts

number 9

totally optional prompts: slowly he turned…
photo: nine, rulecam, flickr

checking his watch
it’s barely 9 minutes after
he notices his room number
the number 9 reflected in his eyes
the key smiling in his palm remarks
yes, there is a 9th floor

how can i bypass the mystery
so tired after flying 9 hours
his eyes dry and scratchy

willing his mind to accept
he hesitates possibly 9 seconds
steps into the empty elevator
the carpet plush with luxury
beneath his soft italian slip-ons

subtle as a serious samuri
less his swift sword
his fingers tips tingling
he felt a foreign fear

facing his fate
slowly he turned
pressing the 9th floor
never noticing his stoic passenger

ReadWriteWord, totally optional prompts

long night, short candle

totally optional prompts this week: tardiness
read write word no 16

blank bloodless barren page
silent notably vacant surface
disturbed author decidedly indecisive
his hesitating hand
eager to carve an explanation

waiting willful words
excrete his priceless discourse
liquified and weakened
no longer able to impart

suffer the scorching torment
his feverish head soon drifted
into a soft pillow sleep

destiny on guard
relentless reckoning
the fence of time elapsed
misplaced the encounter collapsed

Napowrimo, Poetry, ReadWritePoem, totally optional prompts


totally optional prompts: photo poems, this week, find an interesting photograph that has meaning for you and write a poem inspired by it; read write poem: napowrimo, day 16
photo: short journey home, maree10210, flickr

absent from her
he waits watching
his distant desire
brake pedal pressed
for passing people

reliving her caress
a careless whisper
her simple subterranean eyes
he is suddenly bothered
by an ache
from rusty shrapnel
drenched in remission
she is
his contentment

short story, totally optional prompts


totally optional prompts, this week’s request for poems: intersections. think about the contact points between things you wouldn’t normally think had a whole lot to do with each other.

only if you pause noiselessly does the slim possibility exist you will see the noctural light living. her stealth approach and growling manner rarely brings one close. undefined green lush air encloses the world of panther. solitary single, surreptitious shadow she stalks the city light seeking her prey.

he walks the sleepless nights, seeking shelter from an old torn tormenting tale bounded by dusk and dawn. he extracts the memento mori with recollection trembles hearing the cacophany of clashing between city streets and backstreet alleys yawning with despair.

happenstance soon brings the unnoticeable noticed in a rare volatile visual exchange. active the parallel compass turns a corner as the prey unaware stalls in stupor at her presence before him. eyes from nowhere revive in recognition, her soft paws silent, claws withdrawn, she seeks a course to bring him back. apocalypse vacancy persuades the juncture of living and dead to a connection home.