haiku my heart, napowrimo 2021, tanka


bare bones beautiful
roused from a revered rainbow
stirred from the silent
daylight dawn delivery
slumbering snooze awaken

napowrimo day 23. Rebecca’s Friday Haiku My Heart

poets note: morning’s light is always a dream awakening. no different this morning.. grasping onto a fleeting dream… now who were those people and where were we…


8 thoughts on “23.bare

  1. Gillena Cox says:

    charming alliteration in your tanka. a delightful read. Happy Friday


  2. This feels like the edges of a dream… upon waking… ethereal and lovely, Ms Pie! I went back to read it again and saw your commentary below, after writing this! So we are both waking from the dreamtime with this! Thank you!

  3. JC says:

    Sometimes, its nice to bring the dream with us back to reality. Other times its best to leave it in dreamland. Still, there are times we just cannot shake it, and maybe dont want to. Nice write!

  4. my days are a drift in mother care. dementia is a lonely landscape that longs for a light to follow through this long black night. thank you for your beauty and your dreaming. please forgive my late arrival, where i am grateful you are here sharing your dream and awakening.

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