haiku my heart, napowrimo 2021, tanka


bare bones beautiful
roused from a revered rainbow
stirred from the silent
daylight dawn delivery
slumbering snooze awaken

napowrimo day 23. Rebecca’s Friday Haiku My Heart

poets note: morning’s light is always a dream awakening. no different this morning.. grasping onto a fleeting dream… now who were those people and where were we…


the sky is cinereal.quiet

what’s the weather like? looking out a dusting of drizzle
everyday journal day 5, page 5
one single impression: hollow
photo: ajam503, flickr

Black Cave
activate awaken
slumber sleep surreal
commanding first light invite
bare benign wordless blowing wind
possessing one’s breath on crested wings
a soft caress speak hush the intricate imaginings
composing spacious stories filling the seraphic sublime
rainbow riot sparkling splashing torrential tidings
illustrated prancing walls cavernous cave
firelight fringe expose the esoteric
unfastened spacious flight
out into the fierce
one soars

Journal, monday poetry train, Poetry

the sky is telling a story.working for play

what’s the weather like? snow capped mountains cold surround
everyday journal. day 4, page 4
gautami’s monday poetry train prompt no 115
photo: phillip klinger

note to daily journal. when work takes over, the effort to do anything else is almost impossible….unable to write… i wait.

D.R.F.S.B (Dangerously Red Flying Salad Bowls)

there’s hardly a moment free
caught in the trap of wanting
for nothing

wake up working
sunset comes too soon
amusement absent

sleep the deep
transported pursuit
building sand castles
sunbathing relax

words of wonder
escape the pen
riding a bull who
bucks and stomps
snorting simple rhymes

8 seconds embrace
letters flying
skyward downward
slippery sliding

effortlessly eccentric
letters lined up
open congestion
no long empty spaces
hearty distractions

i think i just wrote

3WW, cleave, OneSingleImpression, Poetry


three word wednesday:  abandon, gradual, precise; and last week’s grasp, pacify, dread; this form cleave was introduced during rwp april 2010 napowrimo..still working on form and the ideaology that really intrigues me..; one single impression: floating
photo: Atmospherics,  ethanea, flickr

the gradual rise of perfect passes    silent watchdog curtain window watches

there’s little to criticize    noting nothing exceeding an ordinary

billowing light layer abandon    yet aroused the defeated dread of dawn’s distinct design

precise ontime rainbow illumination   grasps the untaken to pacify darkness

converse connect a grasp and spell   the slippery shadowy companion

telepathic nudge   happiness devoured

reach to rest soiree   bothersome castaway erased