dVerse, MLMM, Poetry, quadrille


one particular day it happened
listening to that song
over and over again
I want to make it with you
an eight track cassette playing repeatedly
by sunset I was done
so bothered i was
i started imagining myself
chucking it out the window

napowrimo day 19. it’s flying by
MMLM Music Challenge No 180..i want to make it with you
d Verse Quadrille No 180…bother

poets note: this particular day was a memory pulled right outta my head hat after reading about that particular song by bread. a long day and a long drive heading north in the oz desert.


13 thoughts on “19.happiness

  1. Cara H says:

    As always with WordPress, we’ll have to give this another try.

    I fear I know the feeling expressed in this poem. It starts out romantic and hopeful and ends hopeless and disgusted. Been there too many times.

  2. it was exactly those feelings that day that i came to face driving listening to that song… felt lonelier than i’ve ever felt… decided to start planning my departure that day… funny how i deleted most of the poem and it still came through… thank you for the comment… do i need to repost my post to your site?

  3. I can understand how listening to this song repeatedly could get on your nerves Ms. Pie. I remember getting tired of listening to my Iron Butterfly album with In A Gadda Da-Vida on it and I melted it in my oven.

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