dVerse, Poetry, quadrille


open wound specter
waiting for life’s return
taking a tour to tomorrow

a seasonal whim
when the sun returns
wrapped in secrets

creating a calm
that wound it’s way
around a cloud

kept behind a hill
until a rainy day
when the rainbow arrives

dVerse Quadrille Monday What’s in a word, wound

dVerse, MLMM, Poetry, quadrille


one particular day it happened
listening to that song
over and over again
I want to make it with you
an eight track cassette playing repeatedly
by sunset I was done
so bothered i was
i started imagining myself
chucking it out the window

napowrimo day 19. it’s flying by
MMLM Music Challenge No 180..i want to make it with you
d Verse Quadrille No 180…bother

poets note: this particular day was a memory pulled right outta my head hat after reading about that particular song by bread. a long day and a long drive heading north in the oz desert.