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dVersePoets – Tuesday Come Sail … it’s all about the “boat”

written in a blue language
deep open sea sonata
port of a peculiar pitch percussion

cannot help handcuff desire
navigate in leisure, lower the anchor
cooing at the quiet pitch of soft and stern
spark ignite release

stoic sincerity
the soul starts to sink
decoy deck disappears

catching the underground rail
a link that lingers
hook line and sinker

time and a half later
in the wake of a moonlight night
shimmering sounds of rippling rails

store ones thoughts
in a pure place pivot

poet note: there is a place between boat and water…..



6 thoughts on “umbilicus_blue

  1. This is STUNNING writing. Wow. You got me immediately with the first two lines:

    “written in a blue language
    deep open sea sonata”

    I adore the musicality in this piece–with a slow but booming tempo to pay attention to. I love this piece so much here. You describe the in-between of the boat and sea well. This is amazing and it’s a fantastic take on the dVerse prompt. ❤ ❤ I am blown away by this poem–still can't get over it.

  2. This piece SOUNDS so good – lots of alliteration and watery sounds – “s”s and “sh”s and “l”s. Really good use of the sound of a poem to enhance the atmosphere and meaning.

  3. Mother Wintermoon says:

    Love the alliteration, the musical lilt and the watery depths of the soul coming through. Very evocative. Great word artistry.

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