dVerse, Poetry, quadrille


dVerse Poets – How does your garden grow quadrille
photo: my cell phone, a small garden on a sunny day

soaring psyched perch
the sun drifts across the sky

singing softly tumultuous tunes
sipping hot coffee

wordless wanderings
surrounded by glory

the quiet touch of a new day
relentless and fierce

plant speak garden
chatty travelers

colorful and bright
they’ll only stay a season


4 thoughts on “green.space

  1. This made me think of something that sometimes strikes me: how many beautiful things flourish and die without anyone to notice them. And yet their beauty speaks volumes. Like people.

  2. absolutely… every season i look forward to the flowers coming back… watching them grow become stronger more blooms…. and then eventually then turn dry out… leave for winter … cut back in the early spring … and start all over again…

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