carpe diem, Haiku

tall lean evergreens
unexpected pinecones fall
cluttered canvas crash

– – – – – – – – – – – –

carpe diem: no 443 ghost rider 4…. i was inspired by Soen Nakagawa ….. yesterday’s early spring day bloomed so lovely. it was a tease of summer warmth, the rush of a strong wind and the brush of evergreen trees in the air…. as I was gardening at a wonderful mad pace…first task of spring clearing out a million pine needles… I kept hearing these strange sounds…looked around nothing but pinecones littering the ground in an interesting array of landing here and there…. and just about that time plop one lands right next to me… looking up I saw all these pinecones waiting to fall…amazing to be here within a small evergreen forest along a river flowing amongst all these pinecones falling one by one…. all I could think of was a blank canvas and paint….woke up this morning… gone, not so much a paintbrush and canvas craving but haiku….


5 thoughts on “

  1. just stopping in to say hi! hope all is well. I sent a reply to your last email but didn’t hear from you after that. some issues with email recently so thought I’d mention this. take care and sending hugs,G

  2. Attempting to catch up on visits…-trying to be better in the future.
    I’m out of town at the moment and have noticed how different the pine cones are from the ones back home.

    One huge one was still green. I wonder if it was helped off by an animal.

    Thanks for your patience – I did and do appreciate all visits.

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