Haiku, haiku my heart


haiku my heart

Stirring his quiet
Wind catcher falling green leaves
He walks without noise

October rushed in today … quick and fierce .. Sudden wind blew in a storm … thunder lightning rain .. could not help but to see leaves gathering in corners … The cold is coming


6 thoughts on “Unhurried

  1. somehow the rush of autumn stirred a glorious haiku in you.
    finding you at recuerda mi corazon so early this morning is as welcome as pie for breakfast!
    thanks for sharing beautiful you.

  2. beautifully expressed
    i could feel the storm
    thank you for your visit on my blog
    you mentioned wanting to participate with the Drawing Challenges- if so this is the blog that tells the new challenge:
    sometimes it is every week, sometimes it is not. someone has to offer to host and come up with a word for the week. They announce it on their blog on Monday giving people a week to be creative, and then on Sat. they post sharing their art for the theme and link all the people who want to join in. If you have any questions let me know. lovely sunday to you!

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