Haiku, haiku my heart, tanka


cloud cover raindrops
communicating waters
separated sky
preparing for a banquet
lacuna landscape daydreams


another friday, another poem at haiku my heart …. early spring brings rain to a parched land… looking out into a gray cloudy day tho the rain is what we need i wonder why not blue sky….




5 thoughts on “wet_notice.hmh

  1. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    When you can’t get the blue sky feast, you take the rain banquet! 😉

  2. We too have so needed this rain… I hope you have some patches of blue in-between, and soon! As to the peonies. I’ve been told that they need real cold, like east coast cold to get them to bloom. This is the first time mine have bloomed in four years!

  3. Stephanie Hilvitz says:

    happy if you need this rain! We have more than our share…would love to pass some moisture your way

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