Poetry, we write poems


childhood hopping
from sister to sister
kissing one and then another

leisurely i linger
a little longer to one
tho not so much with another

we wrap around
our secret world
embryonic flowers form
and float away

parading childhood hesitation
a blink of borrowed words
a hiss with spit, a claw’s scratch

i rush to one
i run from one

the turtle crawls
the rabbit runs
the earth rearranges

written wrinkle speak
in between the folds that
form my face so long ago
stirring stories of sprouting sincerity


we write poems: no 206 which childhood… i read the prompt and thought really??? well, yeah i can write about that… and now im not so sure… it’s funny what your mind thinks and what your heart knows… just one less step than 6 one further one closer….


6 thoughts on “5_degrees_of_separation.wwp

  1. Delightful poetry ~ ‘stirring stories of sprouting sincerity ~ so beautiful the exploring in your words ~ xxx ~ Happy Weekend ~

    artmusedog and carol

  2. There is a sense of jumping over stones and figuring things out in this piece..internal and external movement that hopefully ‘you’ just stay on top of! Damn skippy..(as Stephanie Plum might say)

  3. I just loved this. It took me back to some happy days, long ago. so glad I stopped in today.

    can you email me, I have an idea to run by you and don’t see a contact address here. the email linked to my comment is fine, thank you!

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