Haiku, haiku my heart, tanka


cloud cover raindrops
communicating waters
separated sky
preparing for a banquet
lacuna landscape daydreams


another friday, another poem at haiku my heart …. early spring brings rain to a parched land… looking out into a gray cloudy day tho the rain is what we need i wonder why not blue sky….



Haiku, Poetry, poets united.verse first


wet rainy drizzle
cascading drops of moisture
soft showers roar

soulful simmering
splashes soon snarl and sing
snapping biting cold

warm fire subdue
quiet dawn shimmering shake
wet window shield sway

sun burst comes shining
breaking though storm eased streaked skies
quick quiet gone gray

poets united.verse first: the ordinary the everyday ordinary….rain it comes and goes…looked out my window this morning. here it is falling every so light…I stop and count my blessings cannot help but to consider the philippines…praying for mercy and calm in the midst of so much loss… happy to have found poets united, it’s been a long while…

Haiku, Poetry, sunday whirl, SundayScribblings


Wind Sock Photo

inherit winds
blue believability
shifting deeper dim

umbrella blue mist
gracious gloom hovering hum
stray cloud stew and stir

childhood charm shifts
underneath umbrella warm
tied to thunder bolts

wet shoes excuses
stand still splash display
vowed voice uttering

become light joined jolt
driving west freeway folly
nearing night complete

storm clouds have moved in…. gone are the calm bluest of blue cloudless skies offering warmth and renewal… replaced by rainbow gray puffy fast moving clouds and then again i look and see streaming wispy clouds…. constant change…. find myself driving a lot lately…. east a-ways then heading west a-ways.. while driving hands on the wheel looking out beyond the clear windshield the clouds speak as they quickly pass… 


one single impression no 242: free. sunday whirl wordle 78: umbrella, deeper, inherit, excuses, stand, become, thunder, childhood, joined, vowed, shifts, light;
photo: windsock, cubagallery, flickr