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ss and 3ww.paradise outspoken

sunday scribblings: no. 273 give/gave/giving/gift and 3www: gag, maintain, omit
photo: window, rostybrandx


basking in the bright bionic beautiful
just pass the one-way rambling remedy

did the small measure pour out and over
no asking nor telling, the stirring simply started

the offering floated over the private precipice
well-meaning wanderings surfacing windows

flung wide open, heady pink heart healings
maintain and allege, shade and shift

a red gag gone, bighearted bits adrift
omit not the first line long gone by


10 thoughts on “ss and 3ww.paradise outspoken

  1. I love the pairing of that image with what you wrote. Healing among broken and shattered windows. Windows that if closed, if they were not broken, would keep things out? Several lines I like a lot. But the last one really stays with me.

    Thank you. And thank you for visiting my blogger site.

  2. Now then, isn’t this one of the finest images I’ve read in a while? “windows / flung wide open.” Your poem reads best out loud, like all great poetry should. Just superb!

  3. jeanneaguilar says:

    Ahhh this is beautiful…I enjoyed the journey in this one! I love that the red gag is gone at the end!

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