now there’s everything

can’t help it the roaring rash
spreading like the crash of a symphony
running resistance jumped the fence
forget the gate or charming charity
only then did the rumblings cease
rolled me over and lite me up
smiling and laughing
we forgot the tempest
brewing between us

five years, ten years, 20 year ache
yesterday’s sunset seemed so surreal
barely containable, easily moved
tired and torn terrible terrific
the space between us, a bowl of
good gravy and soaked up bread


5 thoughts on “now there’s everything

  1. Wonderful pictures your prose created. I want a plate and a slice of bread now to soak up the gravy, too. LOL
    Lovely, deep, and yet light in a capricious, almost casual way. Good writing and thanks for the visit to me and the comment too.

  2. very nice poem. left me feeling a bit sullen and frustrated at the way relationships can make the simplest things, complex. which isn’t a bad thing…feeling anything at all from a poem is success.

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