it was a…

Friday 5 prompt: vellum, moss, reminisce, distorted, fiction
Photo: illusive726, photobucket

burning candle

with a vellum of false security
the fortified front door
remained intently locked
against the howling wind
gripping the tempestuous night

outside distorted by the storm
shadows fly freely in the cold
creating persuasive fiction
alive in quiet minds
held locked in slumper

resting with reminisce
sheltered near the stream
persisting the wet moss
continued without recess
residing with the old oak tree


8 thoughts on “it was a…

  1. Beautiful poem and picture. I love the way you started with the door and ended with the old oak tree. You took me on a full journey. Thank you for sharing.

    Also, thanks for your comments today. They were much appreciated. Have a nice day.

  2. Lovely phrases and thoughts. I think my favorite line is ‘shadows fly freely in the cold’. That’s so visual to me. But the entire piece sends images to my mind. Love it!

  3. UL says:

    oh this was done superb, i found the words tough, but am amazed at its different usages. Thank you and a very happy 08 to you…been behind in reading posts but will make sure to catch up soon…

  4. The first paragraph reminds me of those stormy nights when I turn off the lights, lay on my bed, and listen to the sound of raining tapping furiously on the air conditioning as the wind howls.

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