3WW, Poetry

stop over

three word wednesday: acrid,  bane, tepid ; photo: modestChar Y., flickr

sitting outside in the summer cool dark blue
the tepid terror of night negate
that bad dream 4 nights in a row

four sided cardboard bundle
container of curses, weigher of weights
observing objectively, hardly a peep

taste the acrid trace of truculent left overs
breezin’ by a wayward whirlwind
bringing home the thrown out lost

the tepid touch of long gone perished
chatting up an electrical storm
frizzes the hair badly

Napowrimo, Poetry, ReadWritePoem

equal ends

readwritepoem napowrimo day 30 free day [and farewell]

we were walking
in a current of circles
going everywhere

above our heads
gray rainbow clouds
rattling loose a
curtain of rain
thunder crashing
we kept moving
the want not
to stop

unasked we’re
drawn into a
transparent downpour
slows our thoughts
stumbling into a small
shaded sanctuary
we wade within

time crept awhile
until we ventured
out from under the
liquid shelter
no words could

soaked we felt
a dampness
through and through
a creeping chill
of a strange invasion

i didn’t care
it felt free
i never wrote
about that

the unguarded
of nothing near
and the quiet
of passing comes
i consider
and contemplate

these moments
such as today
this transient soaring
of a slice shared

bite by bite
a raw unmeasured
minute divided
and halfed

a 30-day
sweet sentence
signals a stay

i say to you
A più tardi


it was a…

Friday 5 prompt: vellum, moss, reminisce, distorted, fiction
Photo: illusive726, photobucket

burning candle

with a vellum of false security
the fortified front door
remained intently locked
against the howling wind
gripping the tempestuous night

outside distorted by the storm
shadows fly freely in the cold
creating persuasive fiction
alive in quiet minds
held locked in slumper

resting with reminisce
sheltered near the stream
persisting the wet moss
continued without recess
residing with the old oak tree