WriteStuff theme: cold, bitter
photo: ocdsphillipines, photobucket

letter writing

touching the envelope
a thousand reflections race
swiftly through his heart
delivering intimacy once shared

recalling her fugitive face
tightly drawn in the masked
illusion of their glowing love
ignited embers of his silent ache

frugal and frigid
her emotions wound taut
unable to speak freely
bitterness spilled over
in the cracked cup
of their existence

losing himself in the acquaintance
of the letter he read silently
startled by her voice
overflowing with heated emotion
though her absence was clearly seen

he wondered was this she
the woman of biting ice
who somehow melted
his wired heart

stinging his eyes flooded
wet with sober tears
spiraling forward without her
his life continued
softened and wavering he considered
….instantly realizing he could not


3 thoughts on “antidote

  1. Thoughts contenue where this poem rolled to a halt. This piece needs a sequel. But the way you wrote it would make the readers write their own. Thought-provoking.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

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