a surprise encounter, unexpected convergence at street level. stopping and saying hello. hello, yes, thank you, you too. of course, you look divine and tasty. purposely softening my voice. i’d almost confess the truth, without hesitation, clutching you close with a grasp of your dark tie. you are conversant with foreign languages, and could hear my heart’s miniature murmur in small gestures one hardly notices. adept at all genuflection, we play a quick game of cat and mouse, our feet barely touching. just enough to begin an end. a friendly intimate parting on the street without a kiss. taking a cab for another destination i was already on my way when you called.

i was looking forward to attending the outdoor concert. it was a beautiful evening the end of summer just a hint of cool evenings ahead.

sitting on the beach
feeling the ocean breeze
a thousand places ago
touching me
here again.
* * * * * * *
photo: Night StreetWheelman2007, flickr