EmptyBones, Poetry

ebb and flow

sleeping with your shadow
the weight of your arm
rests softly in sincerity

you nudge my ear
to tell the tale of your love
nearer than imagined

sideways softly
the warmth of a stretch
remembered shift serene

the weight soon wakes
light from dawn’s approach
a lasting dream without relief

* * * * * * * *

today i came upon another cycle of life evolving in circles…. i have an old, old box given as a gift by my mother long long time ago… and for sentimental reasons i cannot toss it out even though it has fallen apart.

**small note, i spent most of last night trying to glue the box together again. now that’s another story altogether, piecing our lives back together again as humpty dumpty.**

throughout the years i have placed assorted treasures and what not love notes from wind blown seas… anyhow, i was looking for something…. found it… and found a couple of other things along the way… one was a small old diary from a few lifetimes ago…. funny how the distance makes the memory so much more palpable…



a surprise encounter, unexpected convergence at street level. stopping and saying hello. hello, yes, thank you, you too. of course, you look divine and tasty. purposely softening my voice. i’d almost confess the truth, without hesitation, clutching you close with a grasp of your dark tie. you are conversant with foreign languages, and could hear my heart’s miniature murmur in small gestures one hardly notices. adept at all genuflection, we play a quick game of cat and mouse, our feet barely touching. just enough to begin an end. a friendly intimate parting on the street without a kiss. taking a cab for another destination i was already on my way when you called.

i was looking forward to attending the outdoor concert. it was a beautiful evening the end of summer just a hint of cool evenings ahead.

sitting on the beach
feeling the ocean breeze
a thousand places ago
touching me
here again.
* * * * * * *
photo: Night StreetWheelman2007, flickr

EmptyBones, Poetry


the blue sky stood high
without strings or glue
no invisible hands held high
that i could see

troubling troubles
burning hot coals
sparked flint
burning blue

influencing suggestion
surreal seconds ago
telling secrets
with long ago tails

a smooth whiskey
with an ice waterback

bring back jimi hendrix
and stevie ray vaughn

in order of no
breathing sigh

i observe a
forked tongue
spinning tales
with short legs
slithering away
* * * * * * * *
photo: lizard with a blue tail, Rob Ireton, flickr


U Again


my funny little valentine…
momentary ruminations
touching today
entwined tied up
masquerading dreamers

sentiment simpatico
affinity of affection
captivating kismet

rarely arrive
forgotten lover
you are
as if forever

between my being
enduring existence
metamorphose mutate

transmute today
seeing no sign of you
i rest in aphonic ease