11 thoughts on “haiku my heart.reaching for the sky

  1. Hello Ms. Pie-
    It was so good to see you again on my blog. I think that we may share the same name. My middle, your first. Saw it on another friend’s blog. I love your haikus because there always exists an interesting tension of opposites within them–“carefree and constant”–difficult to maintain both of those in the same pose. Too see opportunity in “catching” something is another. Catching is a happenstance, and opportunity is something planned. I like that.

  2. I studied the photo until I saw the one in the background leaping. I want to think about how she must have felt and the importance to her to be the one that catches the flowers. As I age, these kinds of things, usually reserved for youth, stir my soul as I want for her to be happy forever in her dream.
    Your Haiku says all this to me.


  3. The wedding theme is on my mind as a mum this year, I want to remain carefree but constant, catching all the opportunities life throws my way!

    Thank you for this,

    have a good weekend.

    Sue x

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