PoefusionFriday5, Poetry


living in a secluded spot
unknown to most who pass
the fatigue of existence
began to ebb as a tide
called by the white moon

hours would pass
under the large oak tree
monotonous to most
filled with peace for few

chirping birds
filled the silence
as the thaw of ice began
* * * * * * * *
Poefusion Friday 5 this weeks five: fatigue, embroidery, secluded, monotonouse, thaw
photo: The Old Oak Tree – Squarerobherr, flickr


5 thoughts on “embroidery

  1. What beautiful wording for the Friday 5 words. I enjoyed reading this as the ice thawed and the birds chirped. So many pass a tree and never notice its beauty or strength but, I felt as though you did here and that picture was a perfect compliment. Well done. Have a nice night.

  2. Very nice! There used to be an old tree I would see on the way to work and I use to wonder how many generations that tree had seen come and go. Your poem brought back those memories. I loved it. And the photo is an embroidery in itself, compliments it perfectly. Thanks for sharing it.

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