water waiting

hidden behind nowhere
lies a song

a pink place
silent ceremony

cool intoxicating stones
wet water

euphonious blue sky
imperial impression

tangible truth caught
continuing hieroglyphic
* * * * * * *
pink saturday is a wonderful discovery of pink on Saturdays.
photo: Gilded Pool Dawn, MontanaRaven, flickr


18 thoughts on “water waiting

  1. Just stumbled upon my photo used to accompany your lovely poem. Seem a perfect pairing. I like your poem, especially the first three lines. It’s beautiful.
    — Maureen Shaughnessy aka MontanaRaven on Flickr

  2. Hi – thank you so much for including a link to my flickr photo and profile. I really appreciate that — because so often people do not include a link back, and when I stumble across one of my photos on others’ websites it makes me happy to see they are respecting my copyrights.

    Lovely poem, too. I like the last line best, though every word is crucial to the meaning of your piece.

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