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brush against the edge
the sound of glitter falling
whirlwind the while
sweeping out the room revealed
surreptitious shifting sands

another delightful visit to rebecca’s haiku my heart
my last poem of napowrimo 2021… way past april but must complete a goal…

poet’s note: what a beautiful day… enjoying the sights and sounds of spring… i was thinking of dorothy’s song somewhere over the rainbow and alice in wonderland while writing this poem…. understanding the worlds around us and listening… we might run into alice’s white rabbit… or maybe the mad hatter


6 thoughts on “30.can.this.be

  1. I too love the thought of the sound of glitter falling… Thank you Ms. Pie for bringing us to the edge of the wonder of your writing!

  2. that’s what i was thinking of the morning dew.. how can it be i do not see it falling but i blink an eye and it is there…. is that the sound of glitter falling?

  3. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Gotta watch out for those shifting sands—they can be shifty too! 🙂

  4. entering your haiku world open armed and dancing in the light of your glittery wonder!!! thank you friend. it’s been a full week of mom care so getting here has been a journey. sitting here a while and drinking in the beauty of you!

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