ReadWriteWord, short story

range of view


The Clarity of Night Short Fiction Contest; ReadWriteWord No. 7
photo: Ascension, Jason Evans

it was quick, it was quiet, it was fast; a blue view of small proportions…. gaze inside a day when the sun shines a bright blue blessing of clear skies and the ease of breathing is all but forgotten.

fixed on the soft buzz of an upward motion the hem of his slightly frayed blue jeans wrapped around my imagination and so began the baffling alchemy of apteral aeronautics once again pulling the strings of a sleepy distracted life.

sensing a draw between yes and no the arousing sound of crimson fire and gritty dust stung my watery eyes creating a revolving revolution amidst the stomping of unified feet. powerless to refuse the motion of forward my numb bare feet shuffled to the plaintive chant echoed in the ancient ritual of fire. attending to the tribal embrace the bombardment of countless voices revealed hidden stories in a mesh of rattling shells drenching the crowded air.

entangled unaware the sounds and heat faded and the gentle blue bump of reaching the top compelled my eyes to see the next footprint required to keep from slipping.


4 thoughts on “range of view

  1. Very interesting piece, it’s almost like a poem in the way it’s written, and also like being inside of a mind. I like it, it is unique.

    Thanks for your comment on my story. I agree with you, if there is communication there is hope.

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