Internet Dating

waking up in an unfamilar haze she looked for her cell, she dialed his number and left a message…

hello sid
it was great
to finally meet you
face to face
last evening’s dinner
was fabulous

though this morning
it’s all blurred
and my panties
and jimmy choo shoes
are missing

i think we’re
a perfect match
but whatever was
in the chocolate cherry
cake dessert
it may be illegal

…it’s all about the shoes..

Bones 3WW weekly three word wednesday prompt No 88: blurred, illegal, match; photo: edalene platform sandal, jimmychoo.com


7 thoughts on “Internet Dating

  1. What delicious wicked fun read this was…as tempting as the chocolate cherry cake!! 3WW is so fortunate to have such great responses to the words!!!

  2. Like the story telling vehicle of the cell phone message. Never heard of Jimmy Choo. I’m enlightened now. Like the mystery of what happened last night. Enough said, but I think Sid has some souvenirs.

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