Mad Kane’s prompt lies and deception limerick/haiku.. yeesh, didn’t know there was so much to be had….
photo: Glylasia, photobucket (this photoe rocks!)


smiling with success
bird feathers floating freely
seems so outta place

fathomless layers
actor’s colorful costumes
sheltered mislead sham

sweet musical notes
danced whenever she spoke
hiding nasty truths

underground deceit
surfaced in the clear mirror
duplicity nods

malignant malice
searching silently stood still
finding warmth and rest


3 thoughts on “DimensionalDeception

  1. We hide so much with our masks, both real ones and personas we take on to protect ourselves. your poem shows this through the feathers and music hiding an evil woman.

  2. I really like how the underground deceit surfaces in the mirror. You can’t hide your true self from the mirror. Great piece. The photo was also fantastic!

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