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nocturnal quietude
half moon present
jupiter adjacent allures

portal ajar
rushing sound stirs
soothing liquid deluge

disguised zephyr
camouflaged limbs
bearer of the mask sky

tethered to time
envelope encased
shining bright gold
torquoise blue mane

brief acquiesce
allowable glimpse
brushed kindred assemble
ancestral voices testify

the wind follows
nocturnal restoration
watered oracle withdraws
* * * * * * * * * *

a thursday prompt storybook collaborative recently noted… for more stories and paintings do pass thru;
photo: rick mobbs


it was a…

Friday 5 prompt: vellum, moss, reminisce, distorted, fiction
Photo: illusive726, photobucket

burning candle

with a vellum of false security
the fortified front door
remained intently locked
against the howling wind
gripping the tempestuous night

outside distorted by the storm
shadows fly freely in the cold
creating persuasive fiction
alive in quiet minds
held locked in slumper

resting with reminisce
sheltered near the stream
persisting the wet moss
continued without recess
residing with the old oak tree