alliteration, Poetry


casting a net
the water whirled
tiny round spinning swirls

hypnotizing heat
cool shade calm
life still listening

preparation prelude
dinner dancing delight
a two step tango

soft skin whispers
the smallest of hours magic
willow tree branches sway

juncture just ahead
leftovers singing blue
savoring our soliloquy

picking up strands
gleaming the outlawed
fine point favorite pen

tale telling
recollection riot writing
a  sigh surrenders the end

napowrimo day 29. inching toward day 30… though that was yesterday…

poet’s note: today is the 1st of May… a beautiful spring day… telling the tale written in words turning to see… the topics were ‘the process’ and ‘the meal’

leaves of the poet tree, Poetry

just because

leaves of the poet tree. today’s prompt: closed
photo: yellow hibiscus, ozone9999,duke and sarge, flickr

Yellow Hibiscus

here now, resolutely resting
i see something swaying, like
a million long tender threads shimmering

and every sweet sincere sound ever heard
softly beating, an audible flutter
suggesting one tidy admission

telling tonic of time. already been,
then when there was obscurity
the door decidedly had disappeared