tame the wild

Thomg’s 3 word wednesday, this week deception, panic, scheme
photo: Brian Hill Photography, flicker.com

interval hours
sense passing ruthless panic
clemency released

capture indulgence
deception peeks past soft shield
hunted the heart runs

blossoming bloom burst
gentle scheme unraveling web
tame hand stays fierce flight

whisper still the sound
underneath the winter white
your love clothes the cold


white wedding

wearing white
the virgin veil
covered the
stained red sin
long ago forgotten
in the folds of waiting
pearls and passion

warm air within
caress the sweet scent
the bouquet of pink roses
held their peace

all in place
perfect harmony
had its way
he placed the
purified gold
on her ring finger
* * * * * * *
Sunday Scribblings No. 130: wedding
photo: taking the veilgin_able, flickr