the sea
sizzling hot sand

coarse sand
my feet burn

with everything
envision salty shores

singed soles
ignite cool waters

my eyes
swelling surf magnified

soothing breeze
heals the burn
* * * * * * * * *
ReadWritePoem #35: fun iin the sun. write a poem about something uncomfortable related to sun or sand or heat or beaches ; photo: Beach, Matty20, flickr


a thousand nights

warm summer evenings
light drops of everything
dwell the still air
stirring the invisible

talkative stars
hopes and dreams
pasted perfection
measured mucilage

slivered moon
wonderous witness
imparts a soothing song
melodious shifting tides

transparent passage
parting waves beckon
tread upon the multitude
sandy singing shores
tiny wet grains

salty breeze encounters
veiled moments declare
tablets of time
rushing to shore
soon washed away
constant moving current

here beside the shore
embracing essence
the world chats freely
to those who listen
cool wet sand

a montage of evenings spent by the beach

SundayScribblings No 114 topic: my nights; photo:Manhattan Pier – Silky Surf 2, originally uploaded by Dan90266.


is this a test

3WWW this week prompt: absent, notebook, persuade

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walking along the boardwalk
i spy a lone spot beckoning
in subtleties of quietude

sitting on the weathered bench
watching the waves below
a spell is cast

mezmerizing moments
filled with melodic crashing sounds
carried on the back of
the setting sun’s reflections
touching the moving waters

drifting with the ocean’s current
shifting spirit and conscious
the absent perceives sight
and is persuaded to travel
beyond the present blue

yielding to the blissful
weightlessness of time
bringing my notebook
seems senselessly silly

details of this nature
are bound wingless
and silently discarded